Quality Focus

Unicorn is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services in the display industry. The Unicorn's commitment to quality is creating value in customer total satisfaction by encouraging and empowering all employees and focusing on 5 principles.

  • Establish and maintain an integral management system which is compliant with Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Hazardous Substance Free Management System recognized in the industry, and the relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Develop the products that meet the customers' needs and exceed customers' expectation through advanced planning in design/development, supported with quality planning in the company wide management system. 
  • Establish the manufacturing processes orientated with error prevention, monitor the processes with closed loop control in order to continuously deliver the high quality and reliable products.
  • Apply systematic approach in analysis and problem solving for process characterization, variation reduction, defect maximization, counter measure implementation and standardization.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the entire management system, processes and products to enhance value for the customers and employees.