Hazardous Substance Free

Unicorn's commitment to environmental protection is also demonstrated by establishing and implementing Hazardous Substance Free Process Management (HSPM). At Unicorn, as far as sustainability is concerned, our goal is not only reducing the environmental impact, but also mitigating the negative impact to safety and health resulted by our products.

We have established the management system involving supply chain process controls, material process management, manufacturing process controls and quality assurance processes to ensure compliance with customers' requirements and regulatory requirements with respect of banned, restricted and controlled substances. By keeping abreast of latest regulatory requirements, such as ROHS, ELV, REACH, as well as customer specific requirements, we ensure restriction and management of concerned hazardous substance is extensively reviewed, documented, communicated, tested and monitored throughout product design/development, material sourcing, material qualification, purchasing and manufacturing.

Most of all, by having the HSF program in place our customers are assured of the safe and compliant products. Unicorn is reliable as green procurement partner.